Dakota Gasification Company's naphtha is much different from petroleum derived naphtha. It is composed of over 60 percent aromatics and is much closer to a BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) blend stock. The product is a white to straw colored, mobile, flammable, or combustible liquid with an aromatic odor. The naphtha is extracted from the raw synthesis gas after the gasification process in the Rectisol unit.

  • Dakota Gas produces up to 8.4 million gallons annually.
  • Dakota Gas naphtha is used as a feedstock in refineries where the benzene is extracted for purification. The remainder of the stream is refined and blended into gasoline, diesel, and other high value products.
  • Typical composition of the BTX components in our naphtha is 44 percent benzene, 17 percent toluene, and 3.1 percent xylenes.